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Some Testimonials 

Jay K. – Lives in Florida – Visiting New York  (Testimonial taken from Angie’s List)

Work Completed Date: March 17, 2016

Hire Again: Yes

Description of Work: 

Provided transportation from Laguardia Airport to Times Square in Manhattan.  Then days later provided transportation from Times Square to Laguardia Airport.

Member Comments: 

My wife and I used Ultimate Class Limousine (UCL) to get us from the airport (LaGuardia) to the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. Days later we had UCL take us back to the airport.

I really enjoyed talking with Matt (I believe Matt is the owner); he made numerous recommendations on sights to see while visiting NYC.

When our airplane arrived at LaGuardia, I turned on my phone to find a text from our driver welcoming us to NY and announcing that he was at the airport.  We were to simply text or call him back when we had picked up our bags and were at the curb.  A few minutes later, after he was sure our aircraft landed, he called us, welcomed us, and said he'd pull up and get us when we were ready, just give him a call five minutes before hand.  When we met, he loaded our bags and we were off.

The driver (Sandy) was polite and professional throughout the trip.  In fact I should point out that he presented my wife with a mylar "Happy Anniversary" balloon, making the occasion a bit more special.  We arrived at the hotel roughly an hour later.

For the return leg to the airport, UCL called us the night before to confirm our pickup.  I really appreciated that.  

The morning of departure, the driver called us and said he was in the area and to simply call him when we were ready for him to pull into the hotel and pick us up.  We did so and the driver (Karo) showed up as promised and loaded our bags.  It was St. Patrick's Day and the police had closed some of the roads and bridges earlier than planned.  Karo was unphased.  He simply rerouted our trip.  He had to drive a bit out of the way in order to get us over the river to LaGuardia.  I really enjoyed the fact that we were not in a cab listening the a constantly clicking meter.  

The driver (Karo) was polite and professional throughout the trip. 

The fee quoted for the trip included the tip so there was no guesswork or awkwardness involved at the end of the trip.

I'd happily take UCL again.



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